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Imagine a world where everyone works together to achieve social equality and environmental sustainability...


Where cultures and traditions are celebrated for the diversity and resilience they bring to regional communities...

Our Approach

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Stained Leaves



Susie Hutchison

Leading business advisor for Technology, Humanitarian and Philanthropic Projects

A visionary entrepreneur and passionate philanthropist, Susie Hutchison blends her flair for commerce with her love of humanity through projects that focus on equipping the next generation of social entrepreneurs in emerging economies with the skills, experience and inspiration they need to thrive and, thus, positively impact their communities. 

A catalyst for sustainable change and empowerment, she envisions a future in which each of us understands our power in creating the world we desire. Susie relishes her role on the board of global charities and as the Executive Director of a leading travel technology business, but is just as happy rustling up a gourmet meal, mentoring an indigenous Australian entrepreneur or travelling the world, mainly to Nepal, to work with one of her charity's many causes.

Our Name in the News

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This time last year, 100% of all young people in NT youth detention were Indigenous

September 20, 2019

We are in 2019 and still Indigenous Australians are disproportionately overrepresented in nearly all negative wellbeing indicators such as suicide, unemployment, lack of education, incarceration, infant and child mortality, and preventable deaths. We need to start changing these statistics if...

The Power of Peace - Shining the spotlight on co-author Susie Hutchison

July 12, 2019

On her very first trip to Pokhara, Nepal, Australian philanthropist, and entrepreneur Susie Hutchison saw a young boy begging for money on a gutter-lined sidewalk. Rather than walk past him, she sat down with the 10-year-old – not much younger than her own son – and they fast became friends. In exchange for some food...

$25,000 raised for Indigenous Social Enterprise by Sunshine Coast locals

October 14, 2019

Sunshine Coast charity, SevGen, has successfully raised $25,000 for their newest social enterprise initiative, Deadly Salt & Pepper, thanks to the generous support of the organisation’s many friends. The venture will join Deadly Espresso in providing critical job training and general support to Sunshine Coast locals who are...

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