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Antardristi Nepal

Antardristi Nepal

Antardristi Nepal

Antardristi was formed in 2003 to address the social issue of child sexual abuse in Nepal due to the alarming scarcity of service provision in this area. Antardristi remains one of a limited number of organisations working to eliminate child sexual abuse within Nepal and undertakes activities in the areas of awareness raising and prevention, child protection, psychosocial recovery and social reintegration. Undertaking this work is considerably complex. There is stigma around mental health which results in a silence around such problems and consequently increased isolation and unremitting difficulties. There also exists discrimination against young women reporting rape as blame may be placed with the victim. This hinders reporting of sexual abuse and violence and allowing it to continue. Moreover, the hidden nature of these difficulties can make securing funding for intervention a challenge.


This empowers children and women to identify, refuse and report sexually inappropriate behaviour.  Their programs address the mental health of children and women, educating about the signs of mental distress relating to sexual abuse and about support available.

Antardristi continues to challenge traditional perceptions and break down social stigma relating to both mental health and reporting of sexual abuse through our awareness workshops, family and community work.


The support of women who experience sexual abuse opens the safe space to develop life skills, experience educational inclusion and job skills training so that they can go on to live full and meaningful lives. 

Antardristi introduction

Antardristi introduction

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Through Antardristi's'  programs and activities, the aim is to ensure access to education about and create change in the areas of sexual violence,
human rights and legislation.



1 in 3 children in Nepal are sexually abused.

Through caring, prevention education and  reintegration programs, the girls have a great chance of leading amazing heartcentered lives.

You can also donate through

Global - B1G1

UK - Guiding Light Charity

US & Aus - Hog Heaven Charity


We are grateful to be accepted as a
B1G1 Worthy Cause

B1G1 making giving easy, as it enables your business to contribute to a more positive world as you simply go about your everyday business activities.

You can donate to ours and many other worthy causes. 

Our Current Project - Antardristi Guiding Light Home

Antardristi is seeking capital funding for the planned safe house and education centre.

Guiding Light is the English translation for Antardristi, and I am asking for your support, so together we can create a truely amazing safe home and education centre.


A space where people, communities and system all work together to protect children from sexual abuse, as a result every person touched by the education and community space, will be able to share the awareness out to the next.

Antardristi is privately funded NGO and has been operating 2003.   I have personally witnessed, Binita and all the dedicated beautiful team, continue to work tirelessly to protect and prevent youth and children from sexual abuse whilst through their structured programs, empower them to overcome  massive challenges, both physical and psychological,  so they can lead healthy lives.

It would be amazing to join together to make this change for good.


For more information please visit our Fundraising Site. 


Antardristi is registered with the Nepal's Social Welfare Council (SWC),

and operates as non-political, non-religious and secular non profit organization

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