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Our talented and loving team


Susie Hutchison

"I just love to sprinkle positive energy and structure project management into worthwhile projects, so that little by little we can create positive change and as a result we continue to create a beautiful sharing humanitarian world which we live in."

A visionary entrepreneur and passionate philanthropist, Susie Hutchison blends her flair for commerce with her love for humanity, through projects that focus on equipping the next generation of social entrepreneurs in emerging economies with the skills, experience and inspiration to thrive and thus positively impact in their communities.


A catalyst for sustainable change and empowerment, and co-author of Amazon No 1 Best Selling Book - Legacy.  Susie envisions a future in which each of us understands our power in creating the world we desire.    Susie relishes her role on the board of global charities and as the Executive Director of a leading travel technology business, but is just as happy rustling up a gourmet meal, mentoring on purpose entrepreneur's or travelling Australia and the world to work with one of her many worthy causes.

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dJaja Djelibung

"I am working hard on all levels to alleviate the generational suffering experienced by Global Native Tribes by bringing together people, projects and funding designed to positively change our way of living and preserve Mother Earth."

After spending his 20’s as a professional cyclist, where at the end of his career and at the age of 31 years, Djelibung suffered a tragic work-related accident, being electrocuted by 440V. He was dead for over 40 minutes during which time he experienced an outer body situation meeting an Indigenous Medicine Man in the spirit world who created crystal organs so that Trev could heal his physical body and subsequently led him to return to his body, alive, and from a medical perspective, healed.

Having studying Dreamtime healings through Holographic Kinetics and other modalities including Reflexology, Touch For Health, Bach Flower Essences, Djelibung embarked on a journey west to the Kimberley to meet his Medicine Man and over the next seven (7) opened himself to living and learning all things tribal from the Jaru mob, Kimberley Western Australia. The Jaru people, still today recognize Trev as a traditional Lore man and Tribal Healer and over the years has Trev helped thousands of people across the globe to restore their health.



David Dugan
Founder & CEO Abundance Global

Dr. David Dugan is a world-renowned business coach, author, high-performance mentor, and keynote speaker with over 21 years of experience.

David’s business vision is to help a million entrepreneurs create intergenerational wealth and sustainable prosperity for themselves and their communities. He believes an abundant world is within our grasp and entrepreneurs are the catalyst to lead us there.

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Paul Dunn
Founder & Chairman of B1G1

Paul is quoted as saying  "I'm truly fortunate and grateful to have a reputation as a great 'value-giving', 'inspiring' and extraordinary speaker and mentor."

Over the last four decades, Paul has worked with over 150,000 businesses. I've mentored thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs and delivered keynote presentations at countless events including 4  TEDx events.

Co-Founder of B1G1 Business for Good, creating an extraordinary way of giving as part of businesses everyday transactions.   

B1G1 is a B-Corp Company and most importantly ensures 100% of the giving funds go directly to over 6,000 projects around the world.

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Nick Farrow
Business Coach, Abundance Global

Nick Farrow – an experienced real estate investment coach, a founder of TV producer World Wide Entertainment, firefighter, ski instructor and now Business Coach and Mentor at Abundance Global.

Nick believes in owning a business is how a person puts their stamp on the world, supports their lifestyle and challenges themselves to create results that are for the greater good. It is my goal to foster that spirit.

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