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Creating wellness through connection and relationships


The SevGen Community

Terri Waller's vision to create and nurture sustainable community development across a range of social enterprises is been and still is an amazing relationship to witness.  All have learning at the core and are available for those of us who have been ‘dis’sed: disconnected, disenfranchised, disempowered and who seek a deeper meaning and sense of purpose in their lives.  


SevGen is short for Seven Generations and is an Indigenous ecological thinking that we must consider that our deliberations and actions of today, will affect seven generations into the future, requiring us to be more conscious about our actions while drawing on the wisdoms of seven generation ancestors.

D-time enterprises.jpeg

Impact Shopping

Our SevGen D-Time enterprises support many sustainable products and the beautiful artists who make them. 


Buy a $50 gift pack support our cause, and receive

  • D-Time 500g Golden Sands fairtrade, organic, carbon neutral coffee beans

  • - D-Time pepper grinder

  • D-Time salt grinder

  • D-Time lemon myrtle lipbalm

  • Deadly Espresso coffee voucher

  • Giftcard with Modern Songlines or Big Talks Aboriginal Art design. 

Support Jess with a Deadly Espresso on Walkabout franchise

Hispta Jess has been running our Noosa National Park; Coffee & Country kiosk and would love to take Deadly Espresso on Walkabout.

$25,000 Aud will provide a great start to her new social entrepreneurship, after all its always the setup cost which are the hardest.

Galeru: Forever Fruist

In June 2021 SevGen developed a visionary proposal to acquire a Bushtucker orchard property.

In an intense 6 weeks timeframe (when many. thought this an impossible task) spontaneous, spirited social investors came together to get us across the line.     


We have 5 years now to reach out again to more spirited people to donate what they can to help us secure this resource for our mission related work.

  • Toward an Indigenous led Bushtucker Industry

  • Seed Bank for Regenerative Agriculture

  • 200 buyers within 200miles for the food miles sustainability challenge

  • Syntropic Farming for healthful yield

  • Community Led Development for an healthy community

  • Extinction Rebellion for early intervention into endangered planet

  • Justice, Health, Education and Employment Reinvestment for innovative solutions  Futures Thinking for permaculture

  • Social Enterprise for self determined action

  • Closing the Gap

  • Health Claims of Native Fruits, Nuts and Aromatic Superfoods

  • Soil Food Web

  • Sharing Culture for you to give what you can so that we can do what we can with what we can muster.

The Galeru Community

Galeru provide SevGen a wonderful space which Terri has encompassed her learnings, first nation background and wisdom with the SevGen community of social entrepreneurs, volunteers and others whom have found through various ways, what an amazing space this is.


Focused around Bushtucker, Galeru  buzzes with the planting, the caring, the loving, the harvesting, the cooking and the sharing to local restaurants, organic Bush Tucker foods.

Being a First Nation's owned and operated bush tucker food production and research farm, Galeru is the caring constant community hub, let's help the movement grow .

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