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Susie believes that the ancient knowledge, or lore, that has been passed down for generations can be more powerful, wise, and effective for humanity than the largely fear-based laws of modern society.

She points out that the few remaining indigenous cultures on our planet reflect this lore and give us a template for living in a sustainable future. She believes that peace and justice cannot be imposed from the outside but must emerge from within each of us.

I understand that we are a spirit in a body, and our emotions and thoughts are the programming language.  

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“Real wealth starts from within.   It is only peace and justice,  built with community and future generations in mind, that pave the way for strong, sustainable institutions moving forward."

Leaving a Legacy.

Governance for a Peaceful World, Susie Hutchison


We live in a world full of challenges and limiting resources, so for me personally, understanding that by bringing Peace and Justice into oneself, we can create Strong Institutions for the people and planet to thrive; 

There is no development without peace and no justice without policing yourself first.

In 2019 I was honored to be one of 52 true Change Makers from all over the world to share our personal insights and some practical methods for changing the world for good, through business and giving. 

This wonderful initiative was by Masami Sato and the team at B1G1, Reed Publishing and all those who worked with us. The book became an overnight Amazon Best Seller and shares many different positive, practical ways to improve our world.   Each of us weaving our personal heartfelt experiences into sharing for all.  

Just before you start, I really have to share my honor, love and gratitude for Masami, Paul and the team at B1G1.  Buy1Give1 is an amazing initiative allowing businesses to connect giving to their product storyline.  Donations are small but often,  when you receive cashflow into your business, a donation is sent to your chosen cause, from a family of over 5,000 trusted charities around the world.  Best thing is these causes have grown in stability and functionally over the years I have been associated with B1G1.  The net result is millions of people, animals and projects are providing sustenance to themselves and their families.    

I love it - and the best thing about it is B1G1 doesn't take a fee from your contribution.  That is left to people who care about making it work.

So, back to Peace and Justice for all, I was asked to contribute on Peace and Justice, I wrote  The Lesson of a Lifetime - Year 2019.




The Lifetime Lesson from a Ten-Year-Old Nepalese Boy 

Many years ago, I met one of the most amazing influences in my life. He was only ten years old, sitting on the sidewalk in tattered clothing, homeless and begging for money in Pokhara, Nepal. His name was Vatsal, which means love and affection.

I am now a well-traveled trekker, but back then I was a first-time tourist to Pokhara and my heart broke. Vatsal was a couple of years younger than my son. 

We sat in the gutter together and shared a laugh. Over the next week, we swapped Nepali lessons for food. On the day before I left, Vatsal begged for me to take him home, citing he was in danger if he stayed on the street. 

What to do? Though I witnessed many children in his situation, I was totally unprepared for this situation. This was real poverty and I found it so heart-wrenching. All I wanted to do was to hug him and give him the love and guidance he deserved.   This wasn’t to be the case. I sadly explained to him that it was not possible but I was totally unprepared for the connection we had formed.  

The next morning, Vatsal passed out in front of my friend’s shop. He had been sniffing glue all night with the older street kids. It was in that moment that I understood the value of giving and “hand-up” rather than a hand-out. 

I stayed with him until he ‘dried’ out and we spoke about his situation. It was devastating. I felt helpless as I had to leave the next day. Before I left, with the help of my local friends, we organized meals for him in return for him doing a little work at a local Nepali restaurant. We also organized a place for him to stay.  

I saw him twice more over the next 2 years, he was well and had moved into a home for kids. He had started to care for the next generation of homeless kids. This brought home the small power of a “hand-up” and how it can inspire a person to make extraordinary changes. 

Though people assume it was me that changed Vatsal’s life, it was in fact Vatsal who changed mine. He took an opportunity and made something from it. 

I have since shared many stories about this life-changing experience with the Nepali children that I have met. Meeting Vatsal prompted me to start supporting amazing, kind, dedicated, local organizations that make a difference. They create hope and a better quality of life for the next generation. 

I am not alone in this quest, there are many organizations in the world working to create safety for our next generation. Today, and driven by the Nepalese government, most of the homeless children in Nepal are now off the street and in orphanage homes. 

I continue to work in Nepal with Anstradristi to create change in eliminating child sex abuse in Nepal, a difficult issue. Our aim is to create a healing environment and awareness program so these kids start to feel peace, support their understanding and speak about what heals them. We seek that they feel empowered to continue life in a proactive and peaceful way. 


Our cause, Antardristi Nepal, is conducting a ‘Break the Silence’ campaign through Nepal. The aim is that all children in Nepal can live in a safe and happy environment. Times have certainly changed and children are no longer, in fact never were, a commodity for sexual abuse. 

Peace is Not a Privilege but a Human Right 

Everyone has the right to peace. To live in a peaceful place in an environment that is just. 

Peace is not just a word, but an action and an attitude. I often ask a simple but powerful question to ‘reduce’ peace into a daily action and attitude. The question is: what would LOVE think, say, do? 

Let's break it down according to my model: 

Peace –  Can You Be It? 

If peace is what you desire, even in business, then you will choose peace? Every day?

Acknowledge your thoughts, are they of kind intent? 

Listen to your words, are they what love would say?

Observe your actions, are they what love would do?

If not, are you OK with  your negative thoughts, words and actions?


Justice – Law Versus Lore 


There was a time where I didn't really comprehend that “true” law is in fact ancient lore, and that this body of ancient knowledge and wisdom is at the core of our foundation – that is, it’s in our DNA. 

With this knowledge, I comprehend that one can police or govern only oneself, and doing so is the basis for ensuring a happy, loving and peaceful life. No more, no less; we can NEVER control another, but we can control ourselves.

The current civil and penal laws used by society are a fear-based system of rules that if not adhered to result in punishment. It’s odd what us humans do to each other.

Without policing ourselves, we cannot live in peace, have stability or care for human rights and personal governance, all of which are required to build effective, accountable institutions. 

The divide is getting increasingly bigger, with some people enjoying sustained levels of peace, security and prosperity, while others fall into seemingly endless cycles of internal conflict, resulting in terrible greed and violence. 

For me, peace, justice and creating strong institutions, is all about governing oneself and being comfortable with being peace. This will lead to strong institutions and create “true” justice, not justice enforced through man-made fear-based laws. 

It would be wonderful if we all were able to stop and police ourselves. 

Only strong discernment on your thoughts, words and actions will work. 

Building Strong Institutions – The One Question That Needs Answering 

If we get the first two right, life will respond and allow individuals and institutions to stand in their strength and be the institution they ultimately wish to be. 

Real wealth starts from within. When we as individuals step into our peace and govern our thoughts, actions and words, we can really start to comprehend what it takes to create a Strong Institution in this New Earth.

If you want to make a difference, there is a strong chance that you already are but just can’t see it! Your giving is every day in every way through your thoughts, words, and actions. Just take a moment now, give gratitude and acknowledge YOUR thoughts, words and actions.

Are they serving you, your community and humanity at large? If they are not, give thanks for the lesson and let them go. 

You are the present to everyone. It is your choice, why not make your presence beautiful? And what about building strong businesses? 

A business that matters is about trust, which is traditionally defined as consistency over time. It is trust, and also the business of our customers and partners that we seek. But one question to ask, is why even have a business or company? 

In my case, it is wonderful to be able to share, work in a team and tp support meaningful projects.  I am a great believer that abundance is given so it can be shared. Through these funds, businesses are able to support projects and worthy organizations.  Fundamental rights of humanity really.

Good businesses today have giving embedded into their business philosophy, not only through donating funds, but seeking enjoyment when sharing skills and time, to ‘being service’ and help create sustainable change. 

My friend and colleague, Terri Waller, from SevGen shared a wise indigenous Australian decision-making process. Which is always to ask:

‘How is this decision going to affect the next seven generations?’ To me, that really says everything about decision-making for a sustainable future. 

Supporting Our Future 

I am passionate about supporting Millennials, those who desire to create a better world.  

Why this group?  Because they have had enough of the way we have treated this earth and the way we treat each other.  They don't want to work for companies that make big money from exploiting the workforce of today. I love this.  They get it. And are happy to take a stand on change. 

I love them. I love their passion and believe in their positive direction for humanity and our new earth. I support them through strategic mentoring and by organizing project-funding so that they can accelerate the change that is so badly needed to ensure the planet and humanity’s longevity. 

"There is an amazing sense of heart in what you do, and I want to acknowledge you for it."


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